Primary activity of «FIRA TRADE PLUS» LLC is preparation and organization of any kind of transportation; rendering forwarding services, insurance and customs clearance

We work with the any kind of transportations including:

  • large-size and heavy freights;
  • transportation of foodstuff, medicines and other types of cargo with demand of temperature mode observance;
  • design freights;
  • special freights.

We offer wide geography of freights:

  • freights across the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • transportation of oversized cargo from/to the countries of Central Asia;
  • transportation of oversized cargo from/to regions of the Russian Federation.

Our company is capable to offer the clients multimodal transportations, i.e. transportation of goods by several transport modes as per unified transportation document with reloading in transfer points from one type of transport to another without participation of the cargo owner.

Sectoral solutions

The «FIRA TRADE PLUS» transportation company constantly works with organizations, transporting cargo for following fields of industry:

  • foodstuff and agricultural goods;
  • machines and equipment for agro-industrial complex;
  • communications facilities and telecommunications;
  • medicaments;
  • construction materials and equipment.

Our experts have fulfilled and optimized logistic schemes of cargo transportation in these fields which allows to carry out transportation process in shortest terms. At the order of cargo transportation for any other fields our experts will find the optimal solution and provide a preliminary estimate cost and delivery terms to the client.